Compte Titres Ordinaire (Shares Account)


One account to make the most of the stock market

All your investments in one place

Shares, securities, SICAV, mutual funds... A single account to manage all of your short, medium and long-term investments on stock markets around the world!

No limits, no commitment

There is no minimum subscription time for the Compte Titres Ordinaire (CTO - Shares Account). Your investments are available at any time and there are no limits on the amount you can invest. We do advise, however, that you respect the recommended minimum term of each investment.

Invest at your own pace

You choose how you invest your money. Occasional deposits or regular transfers from your Plan d’Épargne Boursière (PEB - Stock Market Savings Plan): the choice is yours!

Crédit Agricole en ligne

Your Compte Titres Ordinaire online

With Crédit Agricole Online, you can :

  • manage your share portfolio and check on your account,
  • control your savings by buying and/or selling shares.

Detailed description

Who is it for?

Anyone who holds a Crédit Agricole current account. If you are not yet a client of the Crédit Agricole, you can open your current account and Compte Titres at the same time.

An unlimited account for all your stock market investments

  • Use your Compte Titres to bring together all of your short, medium and long-term stock market investments:
    • shares in French or foreign companies,
    • securities from French or foreign companies,
    • SICAV (Investment Company with Variable CApital) and mutual funds,
    • warrants (at-term share or security purchasing rights) and other complex financial products.
  • You can buy and sell as many shares as you wish. There are no limits on your Compte Titres, either in terms of the amount invested or the total number of shares.

Invest at your own pace

With a Compte Titres (Shares Account), you can invest at your own pace. You can choose between:

  • occasional deposits: you buy shares when you have funds and the market situation is right,
  • regular transfers: with a Crédit Agricole Plan d'Épargne Boursière (PEB - Stock Market Savings Plan) (1), you choose the amount and frequency of transfers to SICAVs or mutual funds.

Specific tax arrangements

  • Income from shares (dividends), securities (coupons), share SICAVS and monetary or obligatory SICAVs are subject to specific tax arrangements.
  • Capital gains on all market investments are taxed according to the total amount sold over the year:
    • if you have sold shares with a total value of less than €25,000 in 2009, the capital gains are not subject to tax,
    • if you have sold shares with a total value of more than €25,000 in 2009, the total capital gains are taxed at 30.1% (18% flat rate witholding tax and 12.1% social security contributions).

Some advice for investing in the stock market

  • Adapt your investments to suit your financial situation, your investment goals, your targeted returns and the level of risk that you are prepared to accept.
  • Be sure to diversify your share portfolio.
  • Opt for a small number of shares with a balanced spread of investments across different products, sectors and regions.
  • Use existing market information sources, such as the Crédit Agricole Online Stock Market Service, to follow your portfolio.
  • Respect the recommended minimum term of each investment.
(1) For further information about the Plan d’Épargne Boursière, contact your local Crédit Agricole branch.
SICAV and mutual funds are managed by Crédit Agricole Asset Management, a portfolio management company recognised by the AMF under n° GP 04000036 - a limited company with a capital of €546,162,915 - 90 Bd Pasteur 75015 Paris - 437 574 452 RCS Paris.
Simplified prospectuses are available upon request from participating branches of Crédit Agricole.
Contact your financial advisor for further information about the conditions of this offer within your regional office of the Crédit Agricole.
Questions & answers

I have a lot of securities, including a number of shares. Is a Compte Titres Ordinaire the right choice for me?

It depends on the kind of shares you hold, the country they come from and the investment term. Compared to a Plan d’Épargne en Actions (PEA - Share Savings Plan), a Compte Titres Ordinaire:

  • allows you to invest in all kinds of financial instrument (shares as well as bonds, mutual funds or complex financial products such as warrants),
  • allows you to invest on all stock markets around the world,
  • benefits from a specific tax regime, regardless of the investment term.

Contact your Crédit Agricole bank advisor. They will help you identify the option that best meets your needs.

Can I open a Compte Titres Ordinaire for my 15-year-old son?

Yes. A Compte Titres Ordinaire can be opened in the name of a minor. However, the child’s legal representative must take responsibility for all transactions until the child reaches maturity.

Can I transfer €400 to my Compte Titres Ordinaire?

No. A Compte Titres Ordinaire can only contain transferable securities. You cannot, therefore, deposit monetary sums into the account. You can use money in your current account to buy transferable securities. Dividends and money received from the sale of shares are deposited into your current account.

How can I track the state of my Compte Titres Ordinaire?

Use the Crédit Agricole Online Share Service to track and manage your portfolio at any time. You will also receive an annual account statement.

The basics